My beautiful grandbabies

My beautiful grandbabies
Easter 2015

Thursday, December 1, 2011

cord organizer

Save all those bread, potato and other items that have these platic holders. Sharpie. and Voula no more unpluging everything just to find the one you need.
Great idea.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Mailbox makeover

My daughter and her friend painted my mailbox. I really love the new look. Not finished yet so I will post more later.


I borrowed this from
click on the link to get instructions. I love this.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

First quilt for sale

Well I finished a quilt and put it up for sale. Got a few bites but no real offer. Hope it will sell.
I call it "Purple Peace". It is the first star I've done.

Sunday, October 2, 2011


You know all those selvages we cut off the material? Well I was very glad that I have been saving them. I came across a cute backpack made out of them, and decided to start keeping them. Well I have not gotten around to making one but was making a quilt out of some stash I have had for a while. Well turns out I did not have enough of the teal at the top of this picture (sorry it downloaded smaller than it was). Anyway I pulled out my box of selvages (remember the manufaturer puts their name on them) and looked them up on the internet. I found some and was able to order some more and there-by will be able to complete the quilt.

Here is one of the blocks from that quilt. It has three each, teal, blue and purple. I think it is going to be gorgeous.

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Lots of projects

I have so many quilts in the works that I cant seem to get done with them. I am going to concentrate on one from start to finish this weekend. I just have not gotten very good at the actual quilting, so I have a lot of tops done that need quilting. I wish I knew someone with a long arm that wouldn't cost me so much to do it. :(

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Cute Thread caddy

I came up with this because of the buttons. I saw them at Walmart and thought they were so darn cute.
When I was putting together my sewing room (pics of room in another post, check it out). I needed something to do with those large spools of thread (the ones for sergers).

Had my wonderful hubby cut a piece of 2x6 board (he rotered off the edges, so sweet) and drill holes to fit dowel rods, which he cut to size for me.

I used some plastic tubing from the hardware store, in the plumbing department. (Take the dowel with you to fit the tubing. should be snug fit).

Cut the tubing to small pieces and hot glue on the buttons.
Slip them in place and they hold you spools. Look much more cute than the plain janes you can buy and cost was cheap.

Used some picture hangers on the back and hung it on my peg board.

Friday, July 15, 2011


Fort Worth Fabric Studio is having an awesome give away. Check it out.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Plant skirt

 Are these not the cutest things ever!!!

So here's how I did it. Find a scrap or like the one at the bottom was a messed up row from a quilt.

Bring the ends together and stitch.

Fold over one edge to make a casing (on this one I put the ribbon in as
 I was sewing, careful not to catch the ribbon in the stitching.

using a seam ripper I made a small hole to bring the ribbon through.

Pull it up tight around the top of the planter and tie.

In the pink one I made a casing and put elastic in it. I found this nifty tool (not sure of the name, sorry). It grips the ribbon or elastic and the ring slides down to hold it tight. Then you just thread it through the casing. (beats safty pin method).

Here is the pink one again. I planted the plant in glad plastic bowl. You could use anything, even the ugliest pot and dress it up to match your decor. I loved this. I did not hem mine but you could for an even neater look. The plants are on water trays to catch excess water and the skirt is long enough to cover it as well.

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Yarn Keepers

 Came up with this idea (probably not original, but I haven't seen it yet).
Does your yarn drawer/box look like this?

This was just a few I laid out to get a pic.

Do you have some lone socks( you know you do. Where do the mates go? I think there is a gremlin in the laundry room).

Well put the two together and you have a great yarn keeper.

I rolled the sock down and slipped it over the skein of yarn. Make sure the end where the start of the yarn comes is at the open end of sock. Then you can just use it right from the sock. no mess.

The ankle socks work great for balls of string or small skeins.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Added to my room

Put the border up in my sewing room. I think it is awesome.
 And this self, my wonderful hubby built me. The plastic shoe boxes fit great (of course, he made it that way). LOL

My design

I came up with this design and thought it would be cute. It turned out better than I thought.
 I call it Gossip Over the Fence. Heres a close up.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Light Box

This little idea came by accident.
I had a small cardboard box and an old picture frame that the back had gotten lost (why I kept it I'll never know. Well for this "right").
I put 2 LED battery touch lights in the bottom of the box and laid the frame on top.
Walah a small light box.
Later I covered it with fabric to make it look pretty.
I will add pics later.

Tuesday, May 31, 2011


Just wanted to link a great blog site. And she is having a quilt giveaway. How awesome is that.
Check it out.

Monday, May 30, 2011

potpourri jars

A potpourri jar:

small mason jars
rings for jars

 screen (can use cloth or metal screen, I used metal becuz it's what I had on hand) you can get it at your local Hardware store.
 poly-pellets, I found these at Wal-mart but craft stores carry them as well.
liquid potpourri also from Wal-mart.

Cut screen slightly larger than the mouth of the jars.
fill the jars about 3/4 with the poly-pellets (they are just filler to use less liquid potpourri) and they look cool.
add liquid potpourri.
 place the screen on top and screw on the ring.
 I added food coloring to the one in the middle just to break the monotony.
They smell great and look really cut.

Wow find

 Hubby took the tops off (the drawers). and screwed them together. Add a top (the leftover wood from the floor). Now I have the most gorgeous cutting table. Added handles and casters so I can move it around the room easily.
This room is becoming a sanctuary. So awesome. I found the border that is going in here. Should be here Thur or Fri. Have to get more pink paint and do another coat before then.
One more week of school and then I will have a little over 2 months to play in my new room. Yippee!!!!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

My Sewing room

well here is the room. It was the bedroom that my grand daughters were in. I moved them to the smaller room and took this one for my sewing room (because for now my grandsons are having to share it with me).
A sample of the paint. I like pink.
My wonderful hubby and I put down the wood floor. Isnt it gorgeous.
I found this desk at the Thrift Town. I paid $79 for it. What a bargain. It is so big and I can put so much on it and still have room to work on a quilt.
Gotta love peg board. and another shot of the desk < love it.

Well this find was a real steal. I found this entertainment center and the self on top at a rummage sale.
The sewing machine was my moms and the very first machine I learned to sew on and own. I used this machine untill about 6 years ago when I bought my Viking. This machine still works :)

I put these selves up for storage and will probably put them in the closet when the kids move out (in 2 weeks, yippee).

I will add more pics as the room progresses. It is a "work in progress".

I am now a blogger :)

Well hello from Texas!

I have been reading a lot of blogs and decided maybe I should try this.
A little about me: I am a mom of 3, A son, 2 dgtrs. And I have 7 grandchildren.
I have been sewing since i was 10 years old. My mon taught me. I crochet, learned that from my Grandmother. I just recently got into quilting, wow is that addictive. I am currently working on creating my sewing room WOOHOO! I got a lot of inspiration from Karen (SewManyWays).
Thanks so much for stopping by. Hope to meet lots of new friends.