My beautiful grandbabies

My beautiful grandbabies
Easter 2015

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Plant skirt

 Are these not the cutest things ever!!!

So here's how I did it. Find a scrap or like the one at the bottom was a messed up row from a quilt.

Bring the ends together and stitch.

Fold over one edge to make a casing (on this one I put the ribbon in as
 I was sewing, careful not to catch the ribbon in the stitching.

using a seam ripper I made a small hole to bring the ribbon through.

Pull it up tight around the top of the planter and tie.

In the pink one I made a casing and put elastic in it. I found this nifty tool (not sure of the name, sorry). It grips the ribbon or elastic and the ring slides down to hold it tight. Then you just thread it through the casing. (beats safty pin method).

Here is the pink one again. I planted the plant in glad plastic bowl. You could use anything, even the ugliest pot and dress it up to match your decor. I loved this. I did not hem mine but you could for an even neater look. The plants are on water trays to catch excess water and the skirt is long enough to cover it as well.

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  1. Great idea Debbie - would really add the finishing touch to a plant gift, will have to try it. Return visitor from Cat 'n Cart Crafts blog