My beautiful grandbabies

My beautiful grandbabies
Easter 2015

Sunday, October 2, 2011


You know all those selvages we cut off the material? Well I was very glad that I have been saving them. I came across a cute backpack made out of them, and decided to start keeping them. Well I have not gotten around to making one but was making a quilt out of some stash I have had for a while. Well turns out I did not have enough of the teal at the top of this picture (sorry it downloaded smaller than it was). Anyway I pulled out my box of selvages (remember the manufaturer puts their name on them) and looked them up on the internet. I found some and was able to order some more and there-by will be able to complete the quilt.

Here is one of the blocks from that quilt. It has three each, teal, blue and purple. I think it is going to be gorgeous.

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  1. What a smart idea to keep the selvages and it really came in handy for you. Love the colors in your quilt.