My beautiful grandbabies

My beautiful grandbabies
Easter 2015

Tuesday, May 31, 2011


Just wanted to link a great blog site. And she is having a quilt giveaway. How awesome is that.
Check it out.

Monday, May 30, 2011

potpourri jars

A potpourri jar:

small mason jars
rings for jars

 screen (can use cloth or metal screen, I used metal becuz it's what I had on hand) you can get it at your local Hardware store.
 poly-pellets, I found these at Wal-mart but craft stores carry them as well.
liquid potpourri also from Wal-mart.

Cut screen slightly larger than the mouth of the jars.
fill the jars about 3/4 with the poly-pellets (they are just filler to use less liquid potpourri) and they look cool.
add liquid potpourri.
 place the screen on top and screw on the ring.
 I added food coloring to the one in the middle just to break the monotony.
They smell great and look really cut.

Wow find

 Hubby took the tops off (the drawers). and screwed them together. Add a top (the leftover wood from the floor). Now I have the most gorgeous cutting table. Added handles and casters so I can move it around the room easily.
This room is becoming a sanctuary. So awesome. I found the border that is going in here. Should be here Thur or Fri. Have to get more pink paint and do another coat before then.
One more week of school and then I will have a little over 2 months to play in my new room. Yippee!!!!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

My Sewing room

well here is the room. It was the bedroom that my grand daughters were in. I moved them to the smaller room and took this one for my sewing room (because for now my grandsons are having to share it with me).
A sample of the paint. I like pink.
My wonderful hubby and I put down the wood floor. Isnt it gorgeous.
I found this desk at the Thrift Town. I paid $79 for it. What a bargain. It is so big and I can put so much on it and still have room to work on a quilt.
Gotta love peg board. and another shot of the desk < love it.

Well this find was a real steal. I found this entertainment center and the self on top at a rummage sale.
The sewing machine was my moms and the very first machine I learned to sew on and own. I used this machine untill about 6 years ago when I bought my Viking. This machine still works :)

I put these selves up for storage and will probably put them in the closet when the kids move out (in 2 weeks, yippee).

I will add more pics as the room progresses. It is a "work in progress".

I am now a blogger :)

Well hello from Texas!

I have been reading a lot of blogs and decided maybe I should try this.
A little about me: I am a mom of 3, A son, 2 dgtrs. And I have 7 grandchildren.
I have been sewing since i was 10 years old. My mon taught me. I crochet, learned that from my Grandmother. I just recently got into quilting, wow is that addictive. I am currently working on creating my sewing room WOOHOO! I got a lot of inspiration from Karen (SewManyWays).
Thanks so much for stopping by. Hope to meet lots of new friends.